Commercial Photo Gallery

Tile floors cleaned thoroughly at a middle school.

Squeaky Clean!

The floors before the cleaning were dirty, sticky and unapproachable. We were able to use our professional cleaning products to clean up the dirt and disinfect the floors in this middle school. 

Water leaking through the roof damaging the carpet.

Water Roof Leak

There was a leak in the roof that went through and wet the carpet damaging it and allowing us to go in and dry it up. We made sure that there was no more leak and that the carpet was dry. 

Still water in the North View Animal Hospital, its was dried and cleaned up.

Still Water.

There was still water in the North View Animal Hospital which we were able to dry up in no time. Afterwards, we were also able to clean the tile with our cleaning products. 


Mold cleaning at Calvary Church

Calvary Church had a mop bucket sink and it had began to leak. We arrived as quickly as we could to get working on it and noticed the pipe had been leaking for a while and had created mold. We made sure to take care of the mold.