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12/15/2021 (Permalink)

When was the last time you had your carpet cleaned?  It is one thing to vacuum your carpet to keep them clean and keep up the appearance of your home.   But it is another, to have your carpets professionally cleaned is so much more than appearance, it can help with health benefits.  Carpet can retain several sources of pollutants, dander, allergens, and everyday dirt and dust. There is different methods of carpet cleaning and different levels of aggressiveness. 

Bonnet Cleaning is the least aggressive cleaning method and is usually used for areas that are lightly soiled.  This method is the most effective on low-cut pile or low-level carpets.  How this method works is the carpets are sprayed lightly with one of SERVPRO’s professional cleaning products.  A roto with an absorbent pad attached to the drive block is then used to agitate and absorb the dissolved soils.  Bonnet cleaned carpets are dry within 30 minutes to an hour. 

Hot Water Extraction is considered to be effective for light to moderate soil levels. A portable extractor or a truck mount is used in the hot water extraction process. The cleaning product is then heated and pumped through a solution heater, and pressure pump, and then is introduced to the carpet through the hose to the carpet wand.   Extracted cleaning wastes are collected in a waste holding tank. Some extractors have pump-out systems enabling cleaning waste to be pumped directly into a toilet or other access to the sewer system. This speeds up production since you do not have to stop and empty the waste recovery tank. Hot Water Extraction cleaned carpets usually dry in 6-12 hours. 

Deluxe Precondition and Rinse is effective in moderate to heavy soiling.  As in hot water extraction, a portable or truck mount extractor is used. However, in the deluxe preconditioner and rinse process, the cleaning product, Pre-Spray & Traffic Lane Cleaner, is sprayed onto the carpet and allowed to dwell from 10 to 15 minutes before extraction. The additional dwell time is one of the reasons this method is a restorative method.  After proper dwell time, the pre-spray along with the dissolved and emulsified soils are rinsed and extracted from the carpet with plain water or a solution of Fabric Rinse and Color Set.  Deluxe Precondition and Rise cleaned carpets usually dry in 6-12 hours. 

Rotary Jet Extraction is the same as the deluxe preconditioner and rinse method except the RX-20 is used instead of a carpet wand. The additional agitation provided by the RX-20 improves cleaning and makes this method very effective in heavy soiling conditions.  Rotary jet extraction is faster and less tiring for the operator than using a carpet wand.  Rotary Jet Extraction cleaned carpet usually drys in 6-12 hours.

Show Case is effective in the heaviest of soil conditions and is mostly used in fire damage restoration.  This is a two-step process – cleaning the carpet twice.  First shampoo the carpet with the roto. Showcase Cleaner and Rinse acts as a water softener and improves emulsion of greasy soils. A critical aspect of adding Showcase Cleaner and Rinse to the shampoo is to make it easier to rinse out the soils and residues. The Showcase method is safe for all generations of nylon carpets.  Showcase cleaned carpets are usually dry in 4-6 hours.

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