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SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque out on the job doing our BEST!

1/15/2020 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque we are always excited to help out our customers; we prioritize the expectation that our customer has for us and make sure we exceed that. It can be difficult to trust someone to go into your house and fix something that has already caused a catastrophe. We take pride in what we know within our business therefore we will provide what is best to our customers to the best of our knowledge. We use professional cleaning supplies to get deep into disinfecting and cleaning. We, as a team, also make sure to look clean and have our equipment and vans looking sharp and ready to go. We make sure to have our best attitude and work ethics for the day and get our work done. This is why we are always extremely proud to explain why SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque is an amazing company and business.  

SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque

1/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque owner showing off his PPE Uniform!  SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque owner, Niko Southall, showing off his PPE uniform!

Niko Southall, owner of SERVPRO of Northwest of Albuquerque on the job with his Personal Protection Equipment to protect him from any type of potential infections or hazards. SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque knows how important it is to be safe on the job, therefore what better way to set an example for the team than the owner getting his hands dirty on the job while being safe! We are always so focused to help out the customers and what their needs may be, but we are also aware that to provide the best services we need to take care of ourselves before anything. We are always proud to speak about the importance of safety because we know how truly dangerous it can be if safety measures are not met. SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque will always make sure we are taking the right safety precautions to keep both ourselves and our customers safe. 

Insight on Preventing Mold.

12/5/2019 (Permalink)

Did you know mold is a fungus that can be very unsanitary. Mold is classified as a saprophyte and derives nutrients from any decomposing organic matter. Preventing mold is easy, moisture is the most critical factor in preventing mold but it does not stop there. The temperature, time, type of food source and mold spores all probable causes for the spreading of mold.

There are 8 common places homeowners and renters tend to look over, keep an eye out for:

  • The dishwasher
  • Ice maker connections
  • Washing machine connections
  • Hot water heater
  • Toilet connections
  • Showers doors
  • Bathtubs
  • Outdoor water sprinklers

Make sure you take that second look at your surroundings and places that carry moisture before mold starts to appear in your home. If it does happen to appear, do not hesitate in calling SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque, we would gladly be there to help you.

Lets' clean it up!

12/5/2019 (Permalink)

Carpets and tile flooring are one of the easiest things to dirty around any type of frequently visited places, even more so when there are pets. Not only are the floors something that get dirty but after some time your house or business can become very dusty and dirty without you even knowing. Has your carpet ever been so dirty you have no idea how to clean it? Has your tile been dull and not to its' full potential? Are you looking to move out and leave a clean and disinfected home?

NO WORRIES! We have got you covered. Here at SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque we have the equipment necessary to leave your home looking almost brand new, like it never even got dirty! Having carpets or your floor being extremely dirty can leave people being hesitant about being around it. Make sure you keep the area you spend most time at feeling nice and clean! 

Why SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque?

12/5/2019 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque we strive to be the best at what we do. No matter what time of day it is, when you call us, we are ready to help! We are a team who provides great service to our customers because we are proud of what we do and love to see our customers happy with our work. 

SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque understands how hard it can be when a catastrophe hits unexpectedly and that is why we are ready to serve whenever it does happen.

On Thanksgiving day this year, Albuquerque woke up to a good amount of snow which for many, was a fun and a great thing to wake up too but as for others, not so much. After the snow came rain and with that also came a good amount, that caused some water damages which people may not had been prepared for. Our team was ready and prepared to get on those water jobs and restore as much as we possibly could. We knew we had to work efficiently and quickly to keep our customers happy and satisfied not only for the holidays but every other day as well. 

We strive to be the best we can at all times of the day! 

How to Prevent Freezing Pipes While You’re Gone.

12/2/2019 (Permalink)

Did you know pipe damage is one of the most common home damage claims’?

Pipes can freeze very easily, especially when you have not been around to keep them going. Nobody really knows when they will be expecting a pipe damage therefore it is best to be prepared. If you are leaving home for a couple of days, there are a few things you can do to prevent pipe freezing.

These are a couple good tips to keep in mind before you head out:  

  • Keep cabinets open where there are pipes exposed because warmer air flows through.
  • Leave the faucet running with just a drip so that it keeps pipes cleared.
  • Leave thermostat at a set temperature, if not gone for too long.
  • If you are leaving for more than a week, you can add insulation to where the pipes are located and or you can add heating tape around the pipes.
  • Make sure any hoses are disconnected from outside to prevent bursting. 
  • Make sure your garage door is closed so that is stays warm. 
  • Lastly, something you want to be aware of is making sure small cracks and holes are covered so that cold airflow doesn’t flow through. 

Safety Precautions: Smoke Alarms

11/6/2019 (Permalink)

Every home should at least have one working smoke alarm in every sleeping room and every level. Smoke alarms are a great way to prevent a tragic incident within seconds! A smoke alarm is a detector the detects smoke in the room and makes an extremely loud noise to warn the person there is a sign of smoke and attention is needed. This is great in case you are asleep or have a child sleeping in the other room.

Safety tips:

  • Test all smoke alarms at least once a month.
  • Smoke alarms should be either on the ceiling or high on the wall. (Large homes may need extra alarms)
  • People who are hard of hearing or deaf can use special smoke alarms with either strobe lights or bed shakers rather than an alarming noise.
  • Smoke alarms are an important part of a home fire escape plan.

Commercial Water Damage

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Drying down Carpet Tiles at Jefferson Middle School

SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque received a call-in regard to a school that had a water damage a week before school was scheduled to start. The roof was in the process of getting fixed when a rainstorm hit the Albuquerque area. After arriving on site, we discovered that the job was quite big, and we had little equipment left due to the amount of water jobs that we had received from the storm event. We reached out to the Storm Event team to rent a truck of equipment.

After our inspection we had discovered the computer room was 100% saturated. The roofing company explained to us that they wanted to try and salvage the carpet. We pulled the carpet and placed the carpet tiles on the floor in the unaffected areas of the school to help dry down the carpet tiles as quickly as possible.

We were able to get the affected rooms dried down and get everything set back up just in time for school to start.

SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque is always here to help.

Fire Damage Cleanup Inside and Out

8/16/2019 (Permalink)

Shed Fire Cleanup in Bosque Farms, NM

SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque received a call from the customer is regards to a fire damage that has occurred to his shed in the backyard. After our first inspection we discovered that the tree behind the sheds have also been burnt and needed to be cut down.

As you may not know SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque helps with fire damage that has occurred either the interior or exterior part of your home.

Fire Damage is not only stressful, but it can cause you to loss everything that you have worked so hard for. Listed below are some tips to help prevent fires that can occur in your home or shed.

Shed fire tips:

  1. Fuel storage: Sheds are used to store cars, ATVs, boats and other machines that use fuel. Storage of fuel puts your shed at an increased risk of fire damage.
  2. Electrical fire: Proximity of combustible and flammable materials with electrical appliances creates a fire risk.

House Fire Tips:

  • Stay in the kitchen. Don't leave a hot cooking surface unattended.
  • Check the dryer.
  • Maintain electrical cords.
  • Know your shutoffs.
  • Be careful with candles.

Please keep in mind that SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque is always here to help.

Mold Tips

8/1/2019 (Permalink)

Mold removal at an Albuquerque residence.

Mold. The word is enough to make a person cringe.

Mold can grow anywhere: on carpet, clothing, food, paper, and even in places you can't see, such as the backside of drywall.

So what can you do if your concerned about mold growing in your home? The best approach is preventing mold before it becomes a problem. The key to mold prevention is simple: moisture control.

You can't mold-proof you home, but you can make it mold-resistant. Listed below are some tips to prevent mold growth.  

- Mold can't grow without moisture, so tackle wet areas right away.

-Monitor humidity indoors, keeping the humidity between 30-60 percent.

-Clean or repair roof gutters. Having the gutters full or damaged can cause a roof leak that results to mold growth.

If you discover mold growth in your home give SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque a call for your free estimate.

SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque is always here to help.