Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Water leaking in through the doors after a snow storm.

Water Leak After Snow Storm

After a snow storm hit Albuquerque many people were excited to enjoy a nice snowy day, but like most of you know, the weather in Albuquerque changes quickly. After the sun came out and started melting everything, the water started to quickly leak into the house. Our customers contacted us before it was too late and we were able to take care of it in no time. 

Water leaking through the roof after rain storm.

Leaky Roof After Rain Storm.

After a rain storm hit Albuquerque, our customer noticed water leaking through the roof. They immediately contacted SERVPRO of Northwest Albuquerque and we were able to get there in no time. 

A leak in the roof that has not caused the roof to break through but has water damage.

Leak in the Roof

After the snow storm hit Albuquerque there was also a rainstorm after which then appeared a leak in the roof. This is what it looks like before we open it up and check where the leak is coming from. 

This is the aftermath of water leaking through the roof and the room being removed.

Aftermath Of a Leaky Roof.

New Mexico rarely gets any type of storms but when it hits these are some of the things that can happen. A snow storm hit Albuquerque and once it melted it went through the roof and caused a leaky roof. This was after taking it off and starting to repair it.